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"Progressiv" series

As for one of the purpose of this trip to LA is to create some of new designs and profiles to add for our 2018 collection. In 2017, we are gladly got successful year as of our first season with good relationship from our dealers and customers, factory and our friends working to get Neutrale Wheels going. we really appreciate everyone for supporting us. To make our our brand more fun and unique, we decided to add some designs and profiles as we mentioned. Here is one of the answer.

We named it "Progressiv" profile. This can be used for any of our designs. As you know we make Monoblock, Classic profile and Trac Profile with all of our designs and this is how it works.

For example with MS15,

we have MS15 mono,

This is MS15 Classic,

also we can make MS15 Trac and MS15 Progressiv upon requests. Same for all of our line up except OR1.

Why we added Progressiv profile? Answer is really simple. There is satisfaction of customers needs. We know lots of car enthusiasts are looking for something different. So many brands are in the world. We have to think how we get our position as we are Neutrale then we hit this profile ideas. Nothing is similar. Made with 3pc to variety of width and finishes. It has monoblock look but more room to make it fun to create customers own ideas and requests.

Here is some pics of on their progress.

We're sure to bring your car to next level with this our new Progressiv profile with our unique designs. Available from 20inch to 22inch.

This set with custom knock off conversion will be at Tokyo Auto Salon in Jan 2018 in Makuhari Messe. The project has been going right now. We are excited to introduce you whole entire car with MS10 Progressiv at the venue then. Stay tuned










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